Monday, October 10, 2011

Love of the Week: Gum

A certain friend of mine has taken it upon herself to relentlessly quote my previously "most recent" blog post at me until I post a new one. So here's a new one. And now she can stop.

Yes, I'm aware that I keep saying that I'm going to blog more regularly. That darn thing called life keeps getting in the way. As does a multitude of other stuff, including but not limited to my TBR pile, MiMC, e-mail insanity, HPA, alumni bands, car drama, schizophrenic internet, writing a synopsis, getting ready to start querying this novel, and general exhaustion.


So here's a new Love of the Week post. It's lame. And for that, I apologize.

I love me some sugarfree gum, particularly as of late. In particular, I've grown kind of addicted to Extra Dessert Delights.

Here's the thing: A couple of years ago, I lost a ton of weight. During that time, I chewed a lot of sugarfree gum. I'm on a diet again, to lose some of the weight I gained over the summer, and it's become a lifeline. It keeps me from the vending machine and snacks at work. I've gotten some flack from co-workers who have seen my "gum drawer" (I tend to stock up), but the thing works for me. And I need a variety of gum in order to keep my sweet tooth under control, otherwise I start craving things like chocolate. It also comes in handy once NaNoWriMo starts, to keep me away from the snacks during that stressful time too.

So, yes, sugarfree gum is my love of the week.


  1. I personally am not a big gum chewer (my jaws tend to ache after only a few minutes) however, this might be worth it.

    And just so you know I still love ya... it's dessert - not desert (because, ewww) Sorry, can't help myself :( I'm OCD when it comes to spelling.

  2. In my defense, I wrote that post at about midnight last night and I have a cold. So I'm going to blame that. I never spell "dessert" correctly...and I even had the blasted picture right there in my post when I was writing it!

    But I fixed it. Just for you. :)

  3. Until recently I have thought that I don't like sugarfree chewing gums. However, they almost don't differ from those with sugar. I am happy that you have found courage and strength to lose some weight. I hope your life has changed for better.
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